About Us

Since 1934 The Canadian Band Association (Ont.), a incorporated non profit organization, has been in existence to promote community bands in Ontario. In doing so it has expanded its horizons to include not only military and community bands but also jazz ensembles, brass ensembles/bands, orchestras, while organizing and creating stimulating programs, workshops, events, and clinicis throughout the year to support community musicians of all levels towards continued life skill development, and life long learning.

The CBA is a National organization with both a National Office and many Provincial level associations.  The CBA-Ontario is one of these provincial associations.

Ontario is a unique province in that it has two different band associations: CBA-Ontario and the OBA (Ontario Band Association). The CBA-Ontario focusses on community, professional and military bands. The Ontario Band Association is focussed on music in the schools and music teachers. This division of responsibilities allows each association to focus more on the organizations that it supports.

CBA National Office


The mission of the Association is To promote and develop the musical, educational, and cultural values of band and band music in Canada.

The CBA includes ten Provincial Associations: the British Columbia Band Association, the Alberta Band Association, the Saskatchewan Band Association, the Manitoba Band Association, CBA (Ontario), the Ontario Band Association, the Quebec Band Association, the New Brunswick Band Association, and the Nova Scotia Band Association (which includes Prince Edward Island).

Each Provincial Association organizes band activities and various other musical projects within their geographical regions including: honour ensembles, conferences, workshops, summer camps, adult and community band festivals, solo and ensemble competitions, newsletters, curriculum design, advocacy, commissioning projects, resource libraries and music publishing.

The CBA’s strength rests within its Provincial Affiliates and their activities. As a national organization we can be justly proud of Canadian Winds: Journal of the Canadian Band Association, the National Youth Band of Canada, the Association’s National awards program, The National Curriculum and Standards Documents, and the CBA’s advocacy of instrumental music programs nationwide.

Cooperation, close affiliation and the sharing of resources, experiences, ideas and projects in a national forum benefit each one of our provincial chapters and their individual members.

Provincial Band Associations

Canadian Band Association (National Office)
British Columbia Band Association – British Columbia
Alberta Band Association – Alberta, Canada
Saskatachewan Band Association – Saskatachewan, Canada
Manitoba Band Association – Manitoba, Canada
CBA-Ontario (community, military and professional bands) – Ontario, Canada
Ontario Band Association (music in schools) – Ontario, Canada
Fédération des harmonies et des orchestres symphoniques du Québec – Quebec, Canada
Quebec Band Association – Quebec, Canada
Nova Scotia Band Association (inclues PEI as well) – Nova Scotia, Canada
New Brunswick Band Association – New Brunswick